February 19, 2018

An Author Study: Mem Fox

I love studying the work of a particular author and enjoying several of his/her books during read aloud. For our first author study of the year, we’ll be reading Mem Fox!

Authors often have wonderful, interactive websites, so before jumping into Mem’s books I took a look at her site. She has a lot to say about reading and literature. One pearl of wisdom she has given me is that a child needs 1,000 books read to them before they can be expected to read. 1,000 books! As a teacher who loves to read aloud to children, I love this figure. It’s a challenge I’m anxious to take on. Will you check out this link for Mem’s 10 commandments of read alouds? Click Here. Will you read aloud to your child nightly? Even if your child can read for themselves there is still some magic in hearing a fluent adult read aloud. Besides, it’s a great way to spend time together every day!

Happy reading!
Just a sampling of the many Mem Fox books we’ll be enjoying together:

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