January 19, 2018

Trip to Hood River

Last Thursday we loaded up on a bus and headed to Rasmussen Farm in Hood River. We were grateful to have a beautiful, clear and sunny day to enjoy the farm. We started the day by picking out our very own pumpkin to take home! As long as we could carry/roll it to the bus, it could be ours.

Next we headed to the “Where’s Waldo” themed corn maze. Our challenge: Find all 9 Where’s Waldo scenes and find him amidst the other painted gourds. We also enjoyed a haunted hut and a pumpkin funland.

After lunch at the farm we headed to a beautiful viewpoint to enjoy the view of Hood River Valley. From that vantage point we could see many orchards. While we couldn’t see the Columbia River, we could see where the Gorge cut through. Very beautiful!

I will continue to add photos to this post, so check back for updates!

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This is my eighth year as a primary classroom teacher, previously working as a special education teaching assistant and an english preschool teacher in Prague.

Outside of teaching, my passions are traveling, trying new restaurants, strong coffee, being with friends and family, and enjoying the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge.

I love being a Corbett teacher!