January 17, 2018

End of Year Fun

The 2010-2011 School Year has come to a close and I’m grateful for the year I’ve had with all of you! I’ll only ever have one first class, and I so enjoyed mine.

The end of the year was filled with reflection, celebration, fun and… food!

Portfolio Night, June 1st

Snacks and Pictures

How-To Books

Self-Portrait Art

Spring Blossoms

Math Games

Grace leads her family through her work

Zoie and Dylan share their fairy tales with family

Bounce House, June 2nd
I don’t think any other Jog-a-Thon reward would’ve been so dearly loved than 30 minutes with the bounce houses!

Hallie and Anna

A blur of excitement!

with anticipation…



Last day of school!
June 3rd
Poetry Jam. We recited and heard over 30 poems recited!

Reciting a poem for our buddies

Big Yellow Pain
A poem we learned and recited with our buddies

Planet Earth and a snack!

Have a great summer!!

Bekah Tucker About Bekah Tucker

This is my eighth year as a primary classroom teacher, previously working as a special education teaching assistant and an english preschool teacher in Prague.

Outside of teaching, my passions are traveling, trying new restaurants, strong coffee, being with friends and family, and enjoying the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge.

I love being a Corbett teacher!