February 21, 2018

CSD Supply List (K-2)

CORBETT K-2 SUPPLY LIST 2011-2012 (Click here for a PDF of the list)


Grades K-2

Backpack or book bag

Pencils   (24 pack)

Thick markers  (8pack)

Thin markers  (8pack)

Colored pencils

Crayons (24)

Glue sticks (6)

Elmer’s white glue (2 bottles)

Pink pearl eraser (4)

Prang or Crayola watercolor paints


Wish List Only

Zip-lock bags gallon size  (1 box)

Zip-lock bags sandwich size (1 box)

Clorox wipes


Please label your child’s coat, backpack and  lunch pail etc.


Thank You!

DeeDee Hanes About DeeDee Hanes

My husband Rick and I have lived in Corbett for twenty-nine years. We have two children, Andrew and Krissy. They both graduated from Corbett High School and were busy in the classroom and on the sports fields. Andrew went on to the University of Southern California to earn an Aerospace Engineering degree and Krissy went to the University of Oregon and graduated in International Studies. They are grateful to the Corbett School District for opening doors for them in the world of higher education.

I have worked for Corbett Schools since 1998 and teaching even longer, since 1985! I went to Oregon State and received my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education with an Endorsement in Reading. My Masters in Educational Practices and Foundations of Administration was earned from Portland State University. I also received my Special Education Endorsement from Portland State.

My family loves to camp, play sports, board games, books, movies, and traveling. Rick spends some of his extra time helping coach the Corbett Softball Team. I may just spend some of my extra time studying gourmet cooking now that both our children are out of the house!