January 18, 2018

Welcome Back.

Hello Everyone,


High school is an exciting and scary thing to contemplate for most fourteen year olds.    Given that Corbett is a different kind of High School than a lot of others in the area, I want to put some people’s minds at ease and let them know what freshmen can look forward to, or dread perhaps, about the upcoming school year.


The first is about curriculum and expectations.    Yes, freshmen at Corbett do take two AP classes:  AP Human Geography, and AP Environmental Science.    This is something that can be scary to a lot of students and parents.   The fear is that this is going to result in humungous workloads and unreasonable expectations for people just starting out their experience at High School.    There are two things to keep in mind.   As a professional it’s my job to make sure that the workload and expectations are appropriate.  I know this.  I do it to the best of my ability.   Fair is a powerful word, and often misapplied, but when it comes down to it, I work for classes to be fair.   Do the work, show up, and pay attention and you will do fine.


The second is about cheating and plagiarism.   The digital world we live in makes it much easier for students to turn in work that isn’t their own.  It’s easier than ever to turn in work, and answer questions without creating that work on your own.   As a fallible human being, I am well aware that I will not catch every attempt at cheating.  But every year I have students who take the quick and easy path, and then damage their grades, academic futures, and the trust I put in them.  Simply put, using resources you aren’t allowed to use on a test is cheating.   Copying of other people during a test is cheating.   Cutting and pasting entire documents, and parts of documents, off the internet is cheating.   Having someone else do your work for you, even a parent, is cheating.


Now that I’ve done the heavy stuff, welcome again.  I look forward to getting to know my new group of students and sharing a productive school year with you all.


-Tim Cooper



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