January 21, 2018

Pick-up or Bus?

As with any new routine, “the first days are the hardest days”. Thanks for your patience. If you are picking up your child this is what you should do:

3:00 pick-up- Office

3:30 pick-up- Cafeteria

Bus kids load on buses at 3:30.

Happy First Day!!!



About Megan Shaw

This is my eighth year teaching at Corbett. I am excited to once again be team teaching with Kristin Wold and our new teaching partner, Yianna Belesiotis in a multi-age K-2 classroom. A primary classroom is a special place. I am honored to have the opportunity to be part of a child's life, at such a unique time in their school career. We welcome questions, and encourage families to visit to see what happens in the Trillium room.