January 17, 2018


Today we began our math program, although we are still working out procedures for everyone. Adjusting to Saxon can take a few days.

Students who are new to me were given a placement/knowledge test. This test allows me to get to know the math abilities of those I haven’t seen in action. Based on the result of the test, students were placed in a book appropriate to their level: Saxon 3, Saxon 54, or Saxon 65.

Students who are not new to me were given the test based on their level last year and work done over the summer. Many students started the next book.

Saxon is designed for students to work at their own pace. It is expected that students complete one test per week (a test is given after 5 lessons). Students have plenty of time to complete an entire lesson in class- and maybe start the next one as well. Any lesson not completed in class should be completed at home. If students do not complete one test per week, they will not finish the book this school year.

If a student scores a 95% on two tests in a row, they have the opportunity to challenge the next test, which would allow them to skip 5 lessons per test passed at 95%. This allows students to move through a book quicker if the material is familiar to them. Students have been known to complete two full levels of math in one year, although the goal is to complete one per year.

After students have finished their lesson in their math notebook (that consists of reading the lesson, completing the practice and the problem set, which is usually 25 problems), they are required to correct their lesson independently using a correction book in class. It is important that students correct their own work, although it’s great if parents help at home. Tests are corrected by Ms. Steichen.

If you have any questions about math, please contact me. Math will be in full swing starting next week. For now, students can keep their books at school.

And, if you are free between the hours of 9:55 and 11:30 and would love to spend some of that time in the math classroom, please let me know! Volunteers are not only welcome but encouraged!

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This is my fifth year teaching at Springdale and my eighth year teaching an intermediate classroom in the Corbett School District.
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