January 17, 2018

School Supplies Kyrgysztan

by Makenna Stafford

As you go school supply shopping think of how you can help students who don’t have all the art supplies we do. A school in Kyrgysztan is what my “Cardinal 3” service project helps.

First, I should explain what the “Cardinal 3” is. The Cardinal 3 is service, writing, and speaking requirements that every sixth, seventh and eighth grader is to complete. A certain amount of service hours, a published piece of writing and a public announcement or speech is required. So of course I was excited when Mrs. Luna called asking if I was interested in helping a small village school in Kyrgyzstan (west of China) by gathering school supplies. I jumped on the challenge to help kids in need and be on my way to almost completing my Cardinal 3 before October.

I was given Brooke Huddleston’s (former culinary arts teacher at Corbett) email so I could ask more questions. Brooke joined the Peace Corps and is in Kyrgysztan. My first e-mail to Brooke asked what she needed, where she was, how old the kids were, and what it’s like there. She told me the school she is teaching at is very plain. No decorations on the walls, bad markers, no crayons, nothing that our schools have. There are 100 students that are 13-18 years old. She answered all my questions and explained the pay for teachers is $45 a month, and they need that money to support their families.

For a couple days of the high school and middle school registration I set out a donation jar and made about $10. I was happy with that, it was a start. The kids in Kyrgyzstan need art supplies the most, but they can use all kinds of school supplies; so if you find anything you can donate, please do. I need to raise about $65 so I can send the supplies to Kyrgyzstan. The boxes and donation jars will be in the middle and grade school lobbies, or you can send a monetary donation and I’ll do the supply shopping! Send donations to: CMS attn Makenna Stafford 35800 E Columbia River Highway Corbett, OR 97019. All donations need to be in by September 19th. To make this a successful project we need people to donate; and maybe, just maybe, you are one of them.

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