January 21, 2018

Week of 9/5/11 by Bryce McKenney

This week, we learned about latitude and longitude. We learned how to read coordinates, which is something like saying “30 degrees north and 23 degrees west”. We also learned an easy way to memorize the difference between the two. In math, they talk about plane coordinates and the x and y axis. We added x the the end of the word “latitude” to make “latitudex”. We did the same with the word “longitude” to make “longitudey”.

We also made a 3-5 minute story. We listened to a story called “Man and Beast” and then picked a topic. Once we picked the topic, we wrote a rough draft. Then we read it aloud to our classmates, and we got ideas on how to make it better. We took those ideas, and edited them into our story. Then we read it aloud to the class as a final copy. I have to admit, it was pretty fun.


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