February 21, 2018

Week of September 12th

I’m writing this post a little early this week, as we will be on the Barlow Road tomorrow! I plan to take a bunch of pictures of our students in action, so please be sure that you have signed and returned the photo permission slip. If the form has been misplaced, simply write a note giving permission for your child’s pictures to be posted on our website. Remember to sign and date the note.

We have some voracious readers in class! At this point, most of the students are reading fictional books. They are learning to self-assess whether the book is just right for them and to abandon books that are too difficult or uninteresting. I have matched pairs of  students as reading partners, so that everyone has a buddy with whom to engage in continuing conversation about books. They spent some time this morning getting to know each other as readers, so that they could recommend new reads to each other.

Please continue to encourage daily reading at home. Don’t forget to have your child record time and pages read. It would be a huge help if you could sit down with your child each Sunday, and work together to total the number of minutes and pages read for the week. Your student should write the totals at the bottom of the book log. We are saving the book logs to assist us in our research of reading habits.

Math groups are proceeding more smoothly, thanks  in large part to our wonderful volunteers. Students need to complete a lesson each day, finishing it as homework if it is not done during class.  The majority of students are being quite responsible, but a handful of students have already fallen behind and not completed the required lessons. Everyone except Saxon 3 group members needs to do an additional lesson each weekend as well. Students correct their own lessons, using a key, so they can see immediately what they have missed. They then return to their seats to fix any errors, asking for help when needed. This is vital, so that they understand concepts that have been giving them trouble.

We had our first science quiz this week. Those who participated in the activities regarding energy, engaged in reading the text, watched the video carefully, and asked and answered questions each day did very well. Those who were inattentive did not fare as well. Check in with your child to see the score.

Homework this weekend – Math, read, study and learn spelling words, cursive worksheet, and confirm info on registration form.


  • Thursday, September 15 – Barlow Road Pioneer Camp RETURN TO SCHOOL AT 4:30 P.M. Chaperones – please come to school with your child. Don’t forget a lunch for yourself!
    (I am expecting Ann Chatterton, Carla Christianson, Rebecca Gandy, Sheila Nelsen, and Vance Rogers.)
  • Wednesday, September 21 – Ridgefield field trip  – Canoe and plank house. Chaperones – please come to school with your child. Don’t forget a lunch for yourself!
    (I am expecting Ligia Mates, Ashleigh Burgess, Annette Calcagno, Alla Escalante, Karen Hawley, and Debbie Docherty.)
  • Tuesday, October 25, and Wednesday, October 26 – Conferences (Times are still available. Let me know the approximate time that you are available and I will sign you up!)





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