February 19, 2018

Week of September 19th

We have enjoyed some great experiences outside the classroom during the past two weeks. Our Barlow Road trip was “the best ever” to quote one student. Our unit on the Oregon Trail in the spring will be much more meaningful now that the students have been on the trail themselves.

This week’s canoe trip was “so cool” and the Plankhouse was quite impressive. I will try to post pictures from Ridgefield by Friday. Our latest trip lays the foundation for our study of the Chinook tribe. Thank you to all of the parents who were able to help out as chaperons. We could not have done it without you!

Students should be finishing up reading the nominee books, as the books need to be returned to the library.  All students who read (or listened to) at least two books may vote for the awards. Next week, partners will each read a new book and discuss it together. This will pave the way for literature circles later in the year. We will also read articles from the September issue of the National Geographic Explorer magazine.

Our math routine should now be firmly established. Most students are in small groups at their math level, though a few students are working independently. Each group meets with me or a parent volunteer for a short period of instruction, followed by at least a half hour of work time. Many students complete the daily lesson during that time. If not, it needs to be finished for homework. Students also complete a lesson on the weekend, except for those in Saxon 3. Tests occur after every five lessons. At this point, only those three students working independently may work ahead. That will change as the year progresses and students prove to be organized, reliable, and honest.

Please help your child remember to return book log, green folder, book, and homework each day. Keep a special eye out for county library books that may have gone astray.

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