January 17, 2018

CSD website update: September 27 @ 10 p.m.

There will be a minor update to the CSD website’s platform code, scheduled to occur tonight at apx. 10 p.m.

  • Risk: this is a low-risk update
  • Outage: none –this update should not impact your ability to work on the site
  • Service: Simple Local Avatars plugin (details below)
  • Scheduled: 09/27/2011 @ apx. 10 p.m. PT


This update will include the following code revisions to the ‘Simple Local Avatars’ plugin, which controls the hosting and display of author photos (avatars) delivered via the WordPress user profile manager. CSD currently uses Version 1.2.4 of this plugin. This update will include the following revisions:

Version 1.3

  • Avatar file name saved as “user-display-name_avatar” (or other image extension)
  • Russian localization added
  • Assorted minor code optimizations
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