January 19, 2018

Trillium Room News: Sept 29th

Dear families,                                                                                                Sept. 29, 2011

Boy did we have some fun this week!  On Monday, we got our identities as we role-play life in a Chinook village.  On Wednesday, we made paper replicas of what our Chinook persona might look like, using the wonderful supplies you sent us.  We also got a name for our Chinook alter-ego.  These adorable over-sized paper dolls are displayed in or classroom.  Come by and check them out.

On Tuesday, we officially concluded our Karma Wilson author study with a “Karma Wilson Awareness March.”  Holding signs and leaflets of propaganda proclaiming the

worthiness of Karma Wilson’s books, we paraded through the grade school, middle school, and high school.  We even went straight through some classrooms!  The kids thought it was really fun and their behavior was excellent.  Hopefully, we’ve convinced some folks to read some books.

Some very important papers went home this week.  A green permission slip for a field trip needs to be returned ASAP.  The first 5 volunteers from each class will get to come along as chaperones.  If you don’t make the cut, don’t fret.  The next field trip is just around the corner.  Conference schedules went home Wednesday as well.  Time-slots are getting filled up, so please email to let us know which empty lot you’d like.  The first book orders of the year went home this week.  If you’re new to book orders, here’s how it works.  Check off the books you want, write one check (even if you order from both forms we sent), stick it in an envelope and return it in the red or green folder.  We will order the books on the 7th and they’ll probably arrive within 10 days.

We currently have 22 subscribers to our classroom blog.  We would really like all of you to be subscribers so you’ll be fully informed on what happens in our class as well as important announcements.  On the back of the paper newsletter that went home today, you’ll find 2 ways to subscribe.  If you have email, please consider doing this.

We have changed the date of our longhouse construction.  We now plan to build houses Thursday, October 6th beginning at 8:00am.  We would really like to have a few extra adults around.  Let us know if you can join us.  We still need more tree bark and chunky sticks (preferably cut into 6” lengths if possible).


Thanks for the fun kids,

Mrs. Shaw mshaw@corbett.k12.or.us

Mrs. Wold kwold@corbett.k12.or.us


Kristin Wold About Kristin Wold

This is my 28th year teaching in Corbett. I am incredibly fortunate to have brilliant, energetic colleagues; creative, supportive administrators; and parents who over-whelmingly love partnering with the school to make the best possible opportunities for their kids. I have a great job.
Professionally, my passion is working with emergent readers. I strongly believe that our first priority in teaching reading is to get kids to love books. We need to introduce them to authors and topics they’ll love so they’ll seek out reading for pleasure.
Personally, I have been married for 30 years and have a 16-year-old daughter who attends Corbett. I enjoy traveling, hiking in the gorge, and studying Japanese.