February 18, 2018

Happy October

Greetings Everyone,

A lot of things are going on in our classroom.  This past week week we met with our buddies (intermediate students) for the first time.  My students get an opportunity during our buddy times to read with an older student.  During this past week’s meeting my students also were able to hear about Chinook long houses and try drawing them.  Recently, during our gorge study we discussed how people could use the natural surroundings for shelter.

During our math time — we have divided up into groups.  Students either work with Miss Tucker, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Wold or myself.  My math group has been working on learning the following facts:  doubles addition and subtraction, adding and subtracting by one, and adding and subtracting by zero.  We have also been working on two-digit by two-digit addition and subtraction problems that contain the facts we have been studying.   Further — we have studied:  telling time to the half-hour; odd and even numbers; as well as skip counting by two, five and ten.

Recently — we started exploring balance during science.  I started the unit by having students balancing on one foot with their hands down and then with their hands out.  Students also balanced books on their head while walking  — they had a lot of fun doing this.

In writing the students are working on immaginative writing (specifically a story about a dog), as well as writing daily in their journals.  Finally — I have read three books to the class by Dan Gutman from the My Weird School series.  The kids laugh out loud a lot during these stories.