February 21, 2018


We have been starting off the last four weeks with a story from the Moth Podcast. The themes we have covered have been lesson learned/accomplishment, adventure, humor, and trial/challenge. Students have been asked to write their own stories on each of the themes and try to share them with their class at the end of the week. Now students need to choose one of the these four stories that they are going to workshop and polish. They will then share these stories either at our school-wide Storytelling Night or at Morning Meeting. Students have a list of due dates posted in class, a class calendar and a copy of their own, personal calendar. Here is an online list of our upcoming storytelling due dates:

10/6: 1st draft trial/challenge story
10/10: 2nd draft of choice story
10/11: comic of choice story
10/12: 3rd draft of choice story – typed
10/13 – 10/14: workshop story with Ms. Young
10/17: Final story
10/17 – 10/18: share final stories in class
10/19 4:30-7:30 Storytelling Night

Rhiannon Young About Rhiannon Young

Ms. Young is in her 12th year in the Corbett Middle School. Besides spending her days with middle schoolers, she loves to travel (often with middle schoolers as well), spend time with her family and read.