February 21, 2018

Week of October 3

Another week has come and gone so quickly! Most students are quite engaged in their books here at school, and many follow through with more reading at home. Others seem to put in little time and effort. Please talk with your child about the book he/she is reading and help to compute, on Sunday, the total number of minutes and pages read during the week. If you don’t see a steady improvement, find out why!

Each morning, I begin the school day by reading a poem. The students have been asked to choose a favorite poem of their own to share. They can talk to friends or family members in order to discover some wonderful poetry, or pick one by themselves. We have many poetry books in the classroom or poems can be found at home or the library. Each person has been assigned a day during the next month, which he/she should have recorded on the homework log. Practice is necessary in order to deliver the poem smoothly and expressively. I look forward to hearing their choices!

As you hopefully already know, we have been learning about the Chinook Indians and are writing and illustrating books to share with our little buddies. We are also going to work with our partners to create models of Chinook villages. Today, I brought in cedar planks to use for the bases. We brainstormed which parts of the village should be shown, as well as appropriate materials to be used. Students have been asked to gather and collect items that will be useful and bring them to school next week. Please don’t buy anything; we would much rather harvest sticks, cones, seeds, etc. and reuse household items.

Next Wednesday, we are once again off on a field trip to enhance our study of the local natives. We will be visiting the Discovery Center in The Dalles and viewing the petroglyphs on the Washington side of the river. (We still are short several permission slips.) Thanks again to those who are available to chaperone. I am expecting Amy Davis, Cary Foertsch, Sheila Nelsen, Francy Thompson, Kristi Tucker, Debbie Docherty, and Ruth Edwards. We will leave about 8:30 a.m. and should return by 3 p.m. Don’t forget to bring lunch and snack! Thank you also for all of the donations to cover the $3 per person admission fee to the museum. I especially appreciate those who sent in extra to cover those who are unable to pay!

Please return the bright pink fluoride slip, whether your answer is yes or no. Otherwise, I am not sure if the no is coming from you or your child! If the slip is lost, just send me a message one way or the other.

Dates to Remember

  • Tuesday, October 11th School Pictures
  • Wednesday, October 12th Field Trip to Discovery Center and Petroglyphs
  • Thursday, October 13th Fire Safety
  • Tuesday, October 25th ECO project – be prepared to work outdoors
  • Tuesday, October 25th, and Wednesday, October 26th Conferences
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