February 18, 2018

Week 7 wrap up…

Students now have four good stories under their belt; they should pick one to fine-tune for storytelling night.  The big night is this Wednesday October 19.

Students have written instructions on preparing for this important night.

They should:

  • choose the best of their four stories
  • edit, polish and turn it into the best three to five minute story they can.
  • type it (double spaced) and hand it in on Monday.
We will share stories in class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to be absolutely certain we are ready for Wednesday night.  This is going to be a fantastic evening!  Students have been working hard; I am very impressed with what has become of this.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!
In other events, our Fertile Crescent simulation is in full swing!  We begin our third week this Monday.  In order to move from a tribe to a village, each student was assigned a task.  Of our five groups, only the Babylonians have moved up to a village.  Village tasks were due Thursday; hopefully everyone will get their tasks done and move up.  Next weeks tasks are “city-state” and our final week will be “empire” tasks.
This week students learned about artisan jobs and tools, the Ancient Hebrews, and took a stab at writing and translating cuneiform.  We had our second of three trade days; students bartered surplus resources to appease their growing empires.
It was great to see everyone at conferences!
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