January 19, 2018

Buddy Business


We have been busy with buddy business. They have been teaching us, and we have been teaching them. The topic? People of the Columbia River Gorge. Enjoy the photos!

Our big buddies have taught us all about longhouses, the function they served, their capacity, what they were built from and how they were built.

We also spent a day learning about Chinook clothing and what materials they used to make their clothes. In the same way, we made woven paper.

Our buddy class also generously shared a feast of berries, salmon and seaweed! Feelings were mixed about the seaweed, and some were even brave enough to dip their berries in salmon oils, just like the Chinook!

Another way to connect to the early people of the Columbia River Gorge is through taking on a village role complete with being given a new native name! Part of this study included thinking about what our person would need to wear to do their job well. You can check out our Chinook people, hanging proudly in our classroom.

Be sure to ask your child what has been most meaningful to them.

Bekah Tucker About Bekah Tucker

This is my eighth year as a primary classroom teacher, previously working as a special education teaching assistant and an english preschool teacher in Prague.

Outside of teaching, my passions are traveling, trying new restaurants, strong coffee, being with friends and family, and enjoying the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge.

I love being a Corbett teacher!