February 21, 2018

Reminder: Storytelling Night At Corbett Middle

Friends, Family and Community:

Come enjoy a night of storytelling from the students of the middle school. You’ll be entertained by the courageous acts, extraordinary accomplishments, solemn lessons, and hilarious events that have filled the lives of these young raconteurs. They spent six weeks learning the art of storytelling by planning, writing, practicing and perfecting their own stories. Now they are ready to share them with you!

Date: Wedenesday, October 19
Location: Corbett Middle School Classrooms

There will be two sessions of story telling. Find out what session your student has signed up for and plan on attending the entire session. We would love to have everyone attend both sessions if possible!

4:30-5:45 Early Session
5:45-6:00 Intermission
6:00-7:30 Late Session

See you then!

Rhiannon Young About Rhiannon Young

Ms. Young is in her 12th year in the Corbett Middle School. Besides spending her days with middle schoolers, she loves to travel (often with middle schoolers as well), spend time with her family and read.