February 20, 2018

Advanced Culinary Arts: First ‘Board Meeting Dessert’ a Success

It’s my third year teaching at Corbett. As a result, I noticed at the start of this school year that a handful of students were about to embark on their third year of Culinary Arts with me. Instead of having them repeat the course material, I decided to place them in ‘Advanced Culinary’ – assigning them to various (and quite challenging) independent projects. My hope was to enhance their learning while also allowing them to showcase the skills they’ve gained over the past two years.

The first assignment they were assigned to was individually making dessert for the monthly board meeting. Logan was up first. Throughout the past two weeks, he had to submit three recipes, order needed supplies, prepare the recipe (over a three-day span) and display the dessert item in an appealing manner. I’m happy to report the first attempt at this new project was a success! Great job Logan! If anyone plans to attend a board meeting in the future, keep your eyes peeled for another delicious dessert item from an Advanced Culinary student!

Logan proudly displaying his creation.

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9th Grade Core Teacher & Graduation Coordinator