January 21, 2018

Week of October 24th

Though it made for some long days, I really enjoyed sitting down with all of you for conferences this week. I so appreciate your support and encouragement. Together, we will have a fantastic, enriching school year, resulting in personal and academic growth for each student!

Our much anticipated plankhouse project is now complete! We dedicated the entire afternoon on Monday to working with our buddies to create several masterpieces. Each scene is complete with dwelling, people, and landscape details. Thanks to everyone who sent materials. A special thank you to Mrs. Edwards, who stopped by to have lunch with her daughter, and ended up getting drafted for several hours of labor. I hope to post photos soon.

On Tuesday, we headed outdoors for a little work on the grounds, led by the ECO group. Students paired up to trim and dig up invasive Himalayan blackberries near our outdoor classroom above the j.v. baseball field. We made a little dent, but still have a ways to go!

As we delve into the Lewis and Clark Expedition, students are making notes of important events and have also discovered the goals that President Jefferson had for the mission: find the Northwest Passage, prepare detailed maps, meet and establish friendly relations with the native tribes, catalog plants and animals, analyze economic potential of the area, and keep detailed journal records of the proceedings.

We worked to create a supply list for the Corps of Discovery, and enjoyed comparing it to Meriwether Lewis’ actual purchases. Next week, students will be assigned to a group to read a historical fiction book of the time period. A multitude of other titles will be available for students to choose as a required second book, either historical fiction or informational.

Be sure to work on your goals this weekend!

Dates to Remember

  • Thursday, October 27th PTA Meeting 6:30 p.m. MPB
  • Sunday, November 6th Salmon Festival at Multnomah Falls 10 am-4pm
  • Thursday, November 24th Thanksgiving Holiday (No school Thursday or Friday)
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