January 19, 2018

Weekly Update

Monday is Halloween but please leave the celebrating for outside of school and keep costumes at home.

Last week we finished our second read aloud book of the year: Five Children and It  by E. Nesbit. Ask your student what she/he thought about this classic story of adventure, imagination, and siblings entertaining themselves. This week we began our third book, which happens to be another classic: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. So far it is a big hit, as expected, with its engaging main character, Tom Sawyer.

On Wednesday we watched live feed of the removal of Condit Dam on the White Salmon River. Students were excited as the tunnel was blasted through and a rush of water filled the canyon below. Prior to watching the live feed, we learned that workers moved salmon up river, past the dam, to allow them to stay safe from debris as well as provide them a new location for spawning. We also discussed possible reasons for taking the dam down as well as keeping it up. The actual dam will be removed over a year.

We have 21 students who have completed their 2 times test, 6 who have finished the 3 test, and 2 students who have passed their 4 test. Many students made multiplication flashcards this week and should take them home to practice. We will have some flashcard time in class but many students could benefit from extra practice outside of class.

Thanks to everyone who made it to conferences. If you were unable to make it to conferences, please contact me to reschedule.

Next week we will be sharing our most recent writing project: Spooky Stories. Your student may have their final draft to finish up this weekend. Please ask them if she/he finished the draft in class. They should be completed and ready to turn in on Monday morning for sharing in the afternoon.

If you have any extra time and would like to help around the classroom with copy projects, reading with kids, or helping during math time, please let me know. I have a few projects that are flexible if you have a bit of extra time. Thanks!

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This is my fifth year teaching at Springdale and my eighth year teaching an intermediate classroom in the Corbett School District.
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