February 19, 2018

CMS Math Team Takes First Place…Twice!

Corbett Middle School sent two teams of 7th and 8th graders to the annual math competition in Fort Vancouver, WA, and they came back victorious, taking two first places!  On a diet of pizza, jelly beans, pretzels and Capri Suns, they managed to tough their way through individual tests, teams tests, ‘pressure rounds,’ mental math, and the infamous College Bowl, where they competed against other teams in a timed contest.  Our students brought home the 1st place trophies for both 8th and 7th grade levels for schools in the division II (small schools) bracket!  Were they the only teams competing in the division II bracket?  Yes.  Do we care?  No!  They did awesome!  Now they’re invited to compete in the Masters contest, held in December in Moses Lake, WA.  According to sources, all eight students think it would be cool if the school paid for them to fly to Masters.  Or to Disneyland.

The math team relaxes after a grueling session

Also, 7th grader Jett Knight took 3rd place out of all the students (both divisions) in the individual contest.  This is the second time Jett has placed in the individual contest; last year he took 1st place for 6th graders.  Way to go, Jett!

Our middle school math contestants have been ‘training’ for about a month, giving up 15 minutes of their lunch time a couple days a week.  It’s hard to fully appreciate what a sacrifice this is.  Lunch time in the middle school is no joke!  One of our teams was composed of 8th graders Morgan Bucher, Tim Clark, and Kadyn Jones and 7th grader Mackenna Rogers.  The other team was 8th grader Connor Glasheen and 7th graders Jett Knight, Cedar Mackaness and Devon Mickels.

This was the first time we’ve entered teams at the 7th/8th grade level.  CMS takes 6th grade teams every year; the 6th grade competition is coming in February!

Great work, Corbett Middle School math team!  We’re all proud of you!

The team poses with their trophies, and their new friend

Test yourself on some of the problems faced by the math team in the College Bowl.  They had about 45 seconds to solve these, and had to answer before the other team.  Answers are below!

1.  If John was three times my age five years ago, and he is now twice my age, how many years old will I be in thirteen years?

2. When a number is divided by 5, the quotient is 14 and the remainder is 2.  What is the number?

3.  Angle A is complementary to Angle B, and Angle B is supplementary to Angle C. If Angle C is 114 degrees, what is the degree measure of Angle A?



1.  23
2.  72
3.  24

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