January 17, 2018

Week of November 7th

We have spent some more time toiling up the Missouri River with Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery. Did you know that they often had to row five miles an hour just to keep a steady position? On a good day they traveled about fifteen miles. Each student has researched one of the members of the expedition, and is creating a biography card to post in the hallway. When that display is finished, we will turn our attention to some of the animals that the crew “discovered” and present speeches about the creatures.
This week, I assigned students to Drill Teams, depending on which math facts (addition, subtraction, or multiplication) they needed to practice. We will spend a few minutes each day learning strategies, practicing facts, and improving speed of recall. Once a week, we will be using a website developed by Greg Tang, author of Grapes of Math. Please check it out at gregtangmath.com.  If you want to subscribe at home, please use the code GT 50 so that you receive half off the subscription price. The code expires on November 21st.
HELP NEEDED:  Next week on Thursday, we will be creating Native American masks out of clay. Students should gather and bring natural items to make impressions in the clay, such as cones, bark, shells, or leaves. Feathers and beads are also needed for decoration. We need plenty of shoe boxes to keep the masks safe while transporting to the kiln for firing and also need to borrow several rolling pins for the day. Anyone with access to a kiln would really be appreciated! And finally, if you have some spare time on Thursday (November 17th) afternoon, we would love to have help from 1:20-3:00 p.m.
Thanks a bunch,
Susan Handy
Dates to Remember:
  • Thursday, November 10th PTA Meeting 4 p.m. Grade School East Commons
  • Wednesday, November 16th Picture Retakes
  • Thursday, November 24th Thanksgiving Holiday (No school Thursday or Friday)
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