January 17, 2018

11-16-11 Board Meeting Update and Hand-Outs

Hello, I just wanted to provide a quick update about the board meeting on Wednesday as well as make available all of the handouts that were provided.

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Cascade Locks: A group from Cascade Locks presented a heartfelt plea to Corbett School District to consider merging the town of Cascade Locks into Corbett School District. These people want students to be able to live in Cascade Locks and go to Cascade Locks from grades K-12.  Currently students in middle school and high school are bussed to Hood River.  The presenters provided a hand-out to the Board that I will make available. I suggested that board members forward me questions that they would like me to research as we consider this proposal.  Many questions have been answered in the Cascade Locks hand-out. Cascade Locks Hand-Out

Common Core Standards Fact Sheet: You will hear more and more about Common Core State Standards in the coming years.  Assistant Principal Luna provided a hand out from the ODE with facts about the Common Core.  The good news is that our district is well positioned to handle this change due to our multi-age approach, instruction around thematic units emphasizing deep understanding across disciplines, and particularly because of our AP programming at the high school level.  In many ways Common Core tests are mirror images of AP tests.  The hand-out can be downloaded here.

RFP for Architectural Services for Springdale: The District is day’s away from releasing an RFP for Architectural Services for Springdale School.  The first two pages of that RFP, complete with a Schedule of Events is available here.

Request for Information for Personally Identifiable Information: The District received a request for information for the names and addresses of all currently enrolled students.  I addressed this topic with the Board by providing a copy of Board Policy JOA and JOB. Policy JOA provides that some information about students is considered directory information.  It further explains that each year parents of  high school age students will be given the opportunity to stop personally identifiable information from being released to the military and/or institutions of higher education. (It is a law that we release information to the military and institutions of higher learning every year unless parents opt out.)   Parents are able to do this at registration every year.  Policy JOB speaks to Prior Consent to Release personally identifiable information.  In other words before the District releases any personally identifiable information parents will have the opportunity to not have that information released.  This is a critically important step that the District will comply with to protect the privacy of students and their families.  Policy JOA and JOB

A Look Ahead:

The next scheduled board meeting is December 14th in the grade school cafeteria.  The meeting starts at 7:00 but I have a Superintendent’s Chat that starts at 6:15 before each board meeting.  The topic of the next chat will be multi-age education.

The board rescheduled the interviews of 4 candidates for a budget committee vacancy to the next board meeting.

It appears that the recent downgrade to the State’s revenue forecast will not reduce school’s allocation this year.   The last two revenue forecasts have been down and this is a disturbing trend.

Happy Holidays!



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