January 21, 2018

Week 13 in Mr. Houck’s Class, by Ashlyn Sumner

Every week one student in our class gets to sit out the super quiz and write the weekly update on our class.  This week’s update was done by 7th grader Ashlyn Sumner.  Thanks, Ashlyn!

This week in Mr. Houck’s class, we each wrote our own essay on something that had to do with ancient Egypt. We each workshopped with Mr. Houck on our essays. Also we each did a visual on something that Egyptians did, something they had or something they used. For example, Jake Gradwohl did his on the water clock, and Courtney Mitchell did hers on the different hats they used for the different royalty. There was a hat that showed who was the king of the upper Egypt and a hat that meant that pharaoh was king of the lower Egypt, and then there was a mixture of the two hats showing that you were king of both upper and lower Egypt.

We also investigated a mummy, trying to figure out what gender it was, how the mummy died, and how and how old it was, which was pretty interesting to learn about.

When we got done working on that we started learning more about levers and screws, and we also learned how to calculate the mechanical advantage of a screw. We also learned about different religions, and how some people believe things that have been scientifically proven, and how others don’t need proof to believe in what they believe.

And then on Thursday we brought a already packaged food item to trade with other kids from other classes. We did this in the commons. The purpose of this was because this was something Egyptians use to do. I think everybody had a pretty good time with that. I think that everybody is interested in learning about the Egyptians, because you get to learn and understand how hard the Egyptians had it, and how easy we have things today. And you look at what we have, like electronics and machinery to help us to do big things, vs. the Egyptians, that had to do everything by themselves and didn’t have big machines to do big projects.

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