February 19, 2018

Week of November 28th

We spent some time this week talking about how to improve our discussion about books with our partners. Students suggested summarizing the story, sharing favorite passages, getting help on confusing parts, discussing the characters, and talking about the author’s style. We reminded each other to listen without interrupting, look at your partner, nod your head when in agreement, and ask questions to deepen the discussion. Putting all this into practice is helping make our discussions and our reading more meaningful. Please try some of the same ideas at home with your child.

As I mentioned last week, we did some research in class on animals that Lewis and Clark met on their journey. There is still more information to be found this weekend, however. Students have an organizer for their notes. They are trying to find details about the animal, such as size, weight, color, eating habits, family, and life span, as well as specifics about the habitat-home, surroundings, and seasonal change. If possible, they should also record a quote from one of the journals regarding the animal. Everyone needs to have enough information recorded by Tuesday to write a rough draft.

A flyer went home today regarding the Scholastic Book Fair. We will visit as a class next week to window shop. After that, students may choose to shop at recess. (No more window shopping-only paying customers allowed at recess.) Family and friends may visit before or after school, and on Wednesday evening until 7:30 p.m. The Book Fair will be on the stage at the MPB. Volunteers are still needed to help. Please contact Nancy Gyerko at 503-307-6110 or gyerko@frontier.com.

Progress Reports were sent home on Wednesday. Most students are faring quite well, though some still need to work on their organizational skills and complete assignments on time. If low math scores are an issue, the blame is generally in one of three areas: falling behind on daily assignments, not correcting honestly, or not bothering to redo problems that were missed. When the established routine is followed, learning happens and scores rise!
The Corbett Travel Club is offering babysitting while you shop. It all happens on December 4th from 2-6 p.m. Only $10 for four hours! Call 503-695-6695 for further details.

Dates to Remember:
• Wednesday, December 7th – Family Night at the Book Fair MPB Stage 3:30-7:30 p.m.
• Friday, December 16th – Monday, January 2nd – Winter Break
• Tuesday, January 3rd – School resumes
• Friday, January 6th – School Day

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