February 20, 2018

Your student…

should be busy, busy, busy.  Although it is two short weeks until a well-deserved break, there is plenty to do if you are a student at Corbett Middle School.

We have two more weeks of Ancient Egypt.  Students will do a research essay, oral report, visual, group project and two choice projects.  The unit is designed to make students pick from a variety of topics: government, religion, art and architecture, writing, and job specialization and social classes.  We are dedicating plenty of class time to research and projects, but if your student has not been working at home you might want to check in with them about how the project is going.

We also completed short story drafts this week inspired from Chris Van Allsburg’s The Mystery of Harris Burdick.  We will revisit these stories after WInter Break when all things Egypt have subsided.

Students should be reading at home for a half hour every night.  This trimester’s reading goals are to be reading the same book at home that they are reading at school.

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