February 21, 2018

Trillium Room December 8th

Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care.  (Well, actually they’re hung by the weather monitor and on a bulletin board.)  The stockings we’re referring to are the ones that will be plump with friendship tokens next week.  If you missed last week’s notice about friendship tokens, please email us and we’ll send you a new copy.

In addition to beautifying our stockings, our other crafts this week were torn paper collage trees and making our own wrapping paper.  There’s nothing as festive as a classroom carpet coated in tempera paint and glitter.

In Writers’ Workshop, the blue dots have been focusing on “small moments.”  After reading books that show great insight into common experiences, the writers are working to emulate the writing skills that bring these moments to life.  The red dots are continuing to explore various formats of writing.  We have written books, lists, sequenced stories and most recently friendly letters.  The big focus is being gutsy with our writing and not to be intimidated by big words.

In Guided Reading, we have had a thrilling burst of reading skills.  Every day, 2 or 3 kids advance to a new reading level.  It’s obvious there are some parents out there who are really reading with their kids regularly!

In Letter land we are reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” by Eric Carle. The children are learning to read color words and had a blast making masks for a readers’ theater next week.

If you sent your child with money for the book fair, their purchases and their change should be in their backpack.  We asked the kids to leave both in their packs until they got home.  Hopefully, everyone complied with these instructions.

Next week, we’re trying to keep school as normal as possible.  We have a couple special crafts planned, but won’t be having a big party.

Kristin Wold About Kristin Wold

This is my 28th year teaching in Corbett. I am incredibly fortunate to have brilliant, energetic colleagues; creative, supportive administrators; and parents who over-whelmingly love partnering with the school to make the best possible opportunities for their kids. I have a great job.
Professionally, my passion is working with emergent readers. I strongly believe that our first priority in teaching reading is to get kids to love books. We need to introduce them to authors and topics they’ll love so they’ll seek out reading for pleasure.
Personally, I have been married for 30 years and have a 16-year-old daughter who attends Corbett. I enjoy traveling, hiking in the gorge, and studying Japanese.