January 19, 2018

Board Meeting 12-14 Agenda, and Attachments

First, my apologies for not getting this information up sooner!  The RFP process for an architect has consumed my time as well as the time of some wonderful volunteers.  I want to thank Erick Kneeland, Eric Stevens, Bob Buttke, and Charlie Oneal for their generous donation of time and energy!  Their help has been invaluable!


1.5C  Is a Board Superintendent Operating Agreement that the Board Chair will present to the Board.  The language found in the agreement is language recommended by the OSBA.

1.6    Typically, I do not comment on correspondence to the Board.  However, this packet has an overwhelming amount of correspondence to the Board which directly references me and I want to take a moment to reflect publicly on  what this body of support represents.   First, these letters are not something orchestrated by me or anyone on the administrative staff.  Second, between these letters and the dozens and dozens of personal conversations and emails I have received over the last 2 weeks from community members I find myself at a loss for words to express how grateful, honored,  humbled, and embarrassed I am at the display of support offered to me by so many people from the community and staff.  I am positive that no other superintendent in the area enjoys this type of relationship with staff and parents.

Exceptional School

I do want to say that I am given far too much credit for the successes of the school district.  The successes of the district are largely a product of the staff and the relationships they have formed with parents and community groups.  The work the staff does at Corbett is, in my opinion, without equal. I am far more comfortable embracing any shortcomings we have as a district rather than being labeled as the sole architect of the plethora of positives associated with the district. Corbett is a great school district in a great town. I am proud of our district and eager to keep working to make it even better. I offer my humble thanks to all of you for support and trust

3.3 Financial reports.  I have posted the one page and the four page at the top of this article.  The news in those reports is good.  First, revenues are tracking as predicted.  Second, expenses are tracking as expected.  This is good news and demonstrates that we are continuing to manage the district in a fiscally conservative manner.  However, part of my job is to be the “worrier”.  State revenue forecasts continue to trend downwards from the original estimates for this biennium.  No one at the state level has officially raised any alarm flags

yet, there is no talk of cutting K-12 spending this year….yet.  You can sense the worry in my voice; let me explain.

We are about 25% of the way through the biennium and the State is planning on using about 75% of the reserve funds they had in the two year state budget.  This is a bad trend!  The next scheduled revenue forecast is in February.  We will see what that brings

3.4 QSCB This resolution item is the final action the board will take to commit to the 1 million dollar QSCB loan to refurbish Springdale School.  This action is necessary because Corbett has joined with several other district to lower the cost of issuance of loan funds to all districts concerned.  The cost of issuance for Corbett (outside of loan proceeds) will run very close to $22225 dollars.

7.1  The district has, with the help of Peter Finley Fry, scheduled a pre filing meeting with the county to discuss the Springdale project.  In all likelihood (pending a vote on 7.4) the district will hire an architectural firm to join Mr. Finely Fry in representing the district at that meeting next week on the 22nd.

7.2 Project Board Statement is a work in progress.  The intention of this language is to convey to the community the sense of conservative stewardship the district is bringing to the Springdale project.

7.3  Cascade Locks: I understan

d that there is confusion and supposition around this topic.  I hope to clarify the situation.

  • A group from the Cascade Locks Community approached me and the Board regarding a merger with the City of Cascade Locks and Corbett School District.
  • I did not approach them, this is not part of some clandestine plan to expand the district.
  • There is no plan to add Corbett Charter School to Cascade Locks there is no plan to bus kids from Troutdale to Cascade Locks, there is no plan at all… short of asking more questions and investigating further the Cascade Locks merger idea.
  • The only way this merger would happen is if the district can be sure that it makes financial sense for the district in both the short run and long run, and that it makes programmatic sense in both the short run and long run.
  • Please understand that it is far too early in the investigation of this proposal to raise alarm flags, we are only asking questions and looking for information.

11.1  Suspension of Division of 22 Assurances:  Each year every superintendent has to sign a letter of assurance that their district has met every division 22 standard.  The division 22 standards grow larger and larger each year.  As part of  mandate relief the State has suspended the reporting requirements associated with division 22 standards for this year.  Notionally, the standards will be reduced in scope and the assurance protocol will be reinstated at a future date.

11.2 Thanks go out to Reed Meuller, a member of the district communication committee, who donated his professional services to refine the commonly used survey for use by the school district.  Everyone is encouraged to complete the survey which can be found at the top of the district’s main web page or by following this link.

11.3 The Charter School has provided the district with their annual report.  A narrative, performance data, and unaudited financial data can be found in the report.

I will post other handouts distributed at the board meeting after tonight’s meeting.

Randy Trani About Randy Trani

A science teacher at heart, Dr. Trani loves the Corbett school community and the Corbett community at large. As a resident of Corbett Dr. Trani is committed to delivering quality education to Corbett students. Dr. Trani became the principal of Corbett Schools in 2004, promoted to Superintendent of Corbett School District #39 in 2010.