February 18, 2018

Español Avanzado – Tarea trimestre 2

¡Feliz año nuevo!
I meant to get this post up here at the beginning of break, but here we are almost back in class! I hope you have all had a wonderful rest and begun working on your outside tasks or TAREA. Here is the run down on what is required this term for tarea:
For each assignment – except the presentation – you are required to write a 1/2 page reflection in your Spanish notebook. Spanish is the preferred language, of course, but you may use some English if necessary. In order to have a passing grade at mid-term, students must complete at least 3 outside tasks by January 20th.
1. Pelicula – Watch a full-length feature film in Spanish. There are many many titles available on netflix. If you have difficulty getting a movie, please let me know. I will also host a movie at school either after school one day or on a Friday. The date for this is not yet set. After watching the movie, please write a reflection in your Spanish notebook.
2. Cuento Corto – You have three stories to choose from for this assignment. There are xeroxed copies in my classroom. If you know of another story that you would like to use, please get that approved by me.
3. Veintemundos.com – Visit this website and choose one article to read and listen to. The bold words in the articles mean that you can run the cursor over those words to see the translation.
4. Presentacion – Each student must prepare a 15-20 minute presentation on a topic of their choice. We signed up for dates before winter break. The presentation must be wholly in Spanish with some interactive element to keep the class engaged.
5. Libre eleccion – Free choice. Choose any Spanish related tarea from last term or this to complete this task. You could watch a second movie, Spanish television for 1/2 an hour, collect environmental Spanish examples, learn something on the Internet, have a conversation with a native speaker, and more!

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