February 21, 2018

Update on The Springdale School

Rommell Architectural Firm Hired:

At the December Board Meeting the District hired the Rommel Architectural firm to begin working on the Springdale project.  The District is still negotiating the final scope of the agreement with Rommell however the final number is expected to come in withing budget.

Springdale School

Rommell began working immediately on the project.  Rommell hired Peter Fry, the same land use planner the District has used throughout our investigation of Springdale, to continue working on the project. The Rommel firm, under the guidance of Peter Fry, met with representative from Multnomah County about the project the week before Christmas.  Based upon feedback from the County, Rommell will be consulting with a traffic engineer regarding the project.  Initial meetings with the traffic engineer have been very positive and it appears that parking and traffic flow concerns are manageable.  More traffic analysis will be conducted in the next week.  Currently, Peter Fry and Rommell are working toward submitting a land use package to the county by mid January.

The County’s land use process will be critical to determining if Springdale can be available for use by the District next school year (the most critical factor in determining if it can be used next year is the final cost estimates generated by the work of the architectural firm). In late spring the District will need to determine if we will try to open the school for use next year.  If we are able to open the school next year it is likely that the initial opening will only be phase one (5 classrooms) or phase 1 and phase 2 (6 classrooms and the gym area).

Regardless of when or how much of the school is opened, we are  moving forward with the plan for Springdale to serve as the home for the Corbett Arts Program (CAP). CAP will be an extension of Corbett School and not a charter school.  In October I published a description of the vision for CAP. The goal of CAP is to provide an arts experience for Corbett students in grades K-8 with additional course work in the arts eventually being offered to older students as well.  Ultimately we are aiming for CAP to be a revenue generator for the district.

As the architect continues to work and as the land use process continues we will have a clearer understanding of the future of Springdale School.


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