January 17, 2018

Week of January 2nd

Happy New Year to all! I hope that you enjoyed the holidays.

Please take some time this weekend to review the student and parent goals that were established in October. Foremost among them are arriving at school on time, completing homework, reading daily, and recording minutes and pages read on the book log. Thanks! Everyone has math and cursive homework this weekend, as well as reading.

I just finished reading Poppy aloud to the class. We all enjoyed it. Students have chosen other books by Avi to read independently. Many are reading about further adventures of Poppy. Others picked historical fiction, realistic fiction, or other fantasy tales. Avi has written so many books that there is bound to be something interesting for everyone. You may want to choose one of his books to read aloud at home.

Yesterday, we began our new science unit on Magnets and Electricity. Our first activity was to predict which items would be attracted to a magnet. There were several surprises in store for us! Ask your child what she/he found out.

Next week, we will begin state testing. All students will be assessed in reading and math. The fifth graders will also complete the science assessment. We did a little practicing this week so that everyone knows what to expect. We will begin testing each morning at 7:55 a.m. Students who arrive late will need to wait in the office until we are finished, rather than interrupting the test. PLEASE BE PROMPT!!!!!!!

Dates to Remember:

· Monday, January 16th – Martin Luther King Holiday
· Friday, January 20th – School Day
· Monday, February 20th – Presidents’ Day Holiday
· Friday, February 24th – School Day

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