February 23, 2018

Week of January 9th

These last two weeks have just flown by! We are back into our school routine, and the students worked very hard this week to complete the state tests. They should be proud! Remember, our entire class took reading and math assessments, and the fifth graders also tested in science. Some exceeded the benchmarks, some met the benchmarks, and others did not yet meet. All tried their best! Remember that there will be two more opportunities for those needing to retake the test; one in March or April, and the final try in May. Hopefully, your child filled you in on his/her performance on the tests. If not, send me a message and I can let you know the scores.

I just received an e-mail about three unique contests offered by The Jason Project, which is sponsored by National Geographic. They look like great opportunities for our kids. The first one is an art contest entitled Wrecks of the World. Anyone interested in the Titanic, other sunken skips, or art should check it out. The second contest is aimed at all those who would like to try to train a goldfish. Submit a videotape of the training process and you may win a trip to Mystic Aquarium! The last contest encourages groups of kids to reduce their carbon footprint. See details for all of the contests at http://www.jason.org/contests/.

As I type this, the wind is whistling by. Our highest gust today was 62 miles per hour. Please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, as we go outside as often as possible for recess and also travel between buildings each day for snack, band, and lunch. Coats are a must and gloves and/or hats are a cozy addition to Corbett attire. Next week is supposed to be cold, with a possibility of snow, so be ready!

Dates to Remember:

  • Monday, January 16th – Martin Luther King Holiday
  • Friday, January 20th – School Day
  • Monday, February 20th – Presidents’ Day Holiday
  • Friday, February 24th – School Day
  • Wednesday, March 15th – Progress Reports
  • March 23-March 31 – Spring Break
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