February 21, 2018

The Great Marble Extravaganza

Today, we wrapped up our study of balance and motion with an amazingly fun activity. With a partner, the children used foam tubes, tape, and gravity to construct ramps for their marbles. The conclusion of this unit ends our time with Mr. Clark, as he will be doing his student teaching in an intermediate classroom.

About Megan Shaw

This is my eighth year teaching at Corbett. I am excited to once again be team teaching with Kristin Wold and our new teaching partner, Yianna Belesiotis in a multi-age K-2 classroom. A primary classroom is a special place. I am honored to have the opportunity to be part of a child's life, at such a unique time in their school career. We welcome questions, and encourage families to visit to see what happens in the Trillium room.