February 21, 2018

School Board Meeting Rescheduled for February 2nd

The Board meeting from the 18th has been rescheduled to next Thursday February 2nd at 7:00 in the grade school cafeteria (download the PDF agenda).  I will post updated financial reports before the meeting.  Thank you to whomever brought the wayward board meeting sign back to the grade school!  It looks like it went for a real East Wind tumble but I think it is salvageable! 

The Board will also have a workshop (download the PDF agenda) to work on a Board Operating agreement on Wednesday the 1st.  The work shop is open to the public and will be in the grade school cafeteria.  It also starts at 7:00.  Updated agenda with handouts as of 1/27/2012 Februrary 1st Work Shop


I have had one of those weekends…where you drop your computer with your entire life on it and you suddenly realize how important that tool is in your life!   At any rate here is a late update for the upcoming meeting this Wednesday.

Mr. Killgore Hard at Work!

NOTE:  There will not be a Superintendent’s Chat this Wednesday as I am presenting at a superintendents meeting in Yakima.

First, for a copy of the agenda you can download a copy by clicking here.

Updated Agenda  with Handouts as of 1/27/2012 board agenda and handouts feb 2nd meeting

Final Updated Agenda and Handouts in two parts:  Final Feb 2nd Packet with approved minutes part 1 of 2 and Finale Feb 2nd Packet with approved minutes part 2 of 2

I am including the approved minutes from last weeks meeting.  December Minutes 2011

The agenda is light this month.  Here are the highlights.

3.1 Four patrons have expressed interest in the open budget committee vacancy.  It is a shame we do not have room for all four!  Each of the interested patrons will have a few minutes to address the board.

3.3 My financial report will be filled with good news.  Our audit has been completed (the final printing is a few weeks out) and all looks good.  In fact our ending fund balance was slightly higher than we had hoped.  Further our ending fund balance for this year is still growing as we continue to under spend our budget.   This is all very good news as the state’s revenue forecast is dismal.  I am expecting to hear a further downgrade to the revenue forecast in February.  We may very well need every bit of our ending fund balance to make it through next year.   We will see.  I will upload copies of the one page and four page when I can get a computer that will actually do that work for me!

January 2012 One PAge  and the January 2012 Four Page can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking on each link.

I also handed out a three page document from COSA detailing how state funding for education has fared over the last 10 years or so.   The basic news is that Education’s share of the state resources continues to slip year after year.  Yes, the economy is bad and the pie is shrinking…but at the same time the slice of pie that is given to education is shrinking as well.   You can download those graphs as a pdf by clicking on these  State Funding Graphs .

3.4 and 3.5 are pieces of business that are required by law.  One is a final review of the QSCB bond that is scheduled to be sold this week.  (The QSCB loan is the source of financing for the Springdale project.)  The other item is required for all districts to review the service plan of their ESD each year.  Both of these are formalities.

Consent Agenda:  There is plenty of action on the consent agenda this month.  Many small adjustments to individual classified personnel’s work hours to help fill the gap caused by an employee who had to leave mid year for personal reasons.   Further, there is a bunch of new language that the OSBA has recommended for districts to adopt in order to comply with new state laws.

7.1 I will give a quick update on Springdale.  At this point the big news is this week we should turn in our land use packet to the County and perhaps apply for permits to begin some limited demolition (removal of asbestos) in the building.   A traffic engineer is working on a traffic plan and all looks good in that arena.  The Rommel Architectural firm continues with work on design.

7.2 Cascade Locks: I have very little new information to report on this topic other than I will be having a second meeting with the superintendent from Hood River next week.

I handed out the following report from the Hood River School District about the cost of running Cascade Locks.  cascade locks spending report from Hood River County

9.2  A number of Corbett Charter School employees have made requests to extend their leaves of absence from Corbett School District for two more years.  I support these leaves requests unequivocally.

10.2 Is a rather lengthy set of recommendations form the OSBA for all districts to update their current policies to account for new State laws around the granting of charter school agreements as well as the operation of charter schools after the charter has been approved.  When given a choice I have selected language that gives the district the most flexibility and leaves the district in the stronger position relative to their other language suggestions.  This 21 page policy will replace our existing 10 page policy.

11.1  An embarrassing part of my job is the annual self assessment I am required to do.  Here it is in one paragraph: Enrollment is up, achievement is up, our ending fund balance is up, our commitment to communication is up, we are moving forward with some exciting projects like Springdale, all in all things are pretty good.

A call for help!  If you live downwind from the school could you keep an eye out for one of my School Board signs I have been putting up each week before the meeting.  I was told they would stand up to any wind…but the makers of the signs had clearly never been to Corbett because one of them blew away on Thursday!  If you find it I will buy you a coffee!

Enjoy the snow!

Randy Trani

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A science teacher at heart, Dr. Trani loves the Corbett school community and the Corbett community at large. As a resident of Corbett Dr. Trani is committed to delivering quality education to Corbett students. Dr. Trani became the principal of Corbett Schools in 2004, promoted to Superintendent of Corbett School District #39 in 2010.