February 20, 2018

Ancient Greece, Marblandia, and Movie Trailers


We are flying through the year!  We are currently in a unit on ancient Greece.  The unit’s first assignment was to learn and recite the Greek Alphabet.  Next, we turned a version of the Iliad into a comic strip (due Monday February 6).  Students also received written instructions for their 5-part project that entails written, oral, and group work, among other things.   We will culminate our studies of ancient Greece with “Ancient Civilization Night” on March 20.  Everyone is invited; details will come as the weeks unfold.

For science, students are working in groups on a project called Marblandia.   This project will reinforce the science of simple machines and also incorporate our learning of media literacy through multiple ad. campaigns.

Also, students are participating in a school-wide book group that they will make a movie trailer out of .  This involves some work outside of the class room as students meet for just twenty minutes a day, twice a week.  Costumes and props will go a long way in the making of these trailers.

Students have been given written instructions for all of these projects.  Please contact me for any reason at pleone@corbett.k12.or.us.  Take care!

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