February 21, 2018

Very Important Person (VIP) Project

My apologies for not posting for the past few weeks!  This post will update what was been happening and what is in our future!

Students have now picked their Very Important Person (VIP) to learn about.  Each student was to find a biography on their person that they could read independently.  We have some interesting people that the students have selected!  This past week everyone was given 25 minutes at the beginning of the day to JUST READ about their VIP.   Students then shared something they read that was interesting or informational.  They were then asked to write down what they had read (without going back to their book).  I originally allowed about 15 minutes for the writing part, but soon learned (by their moans and groans) that I wasn’t giving enough time.  Kids probably wrote about their VIP for at least 20-25 minutes each day!

Some students have read a couple of short books by now and some are still reading their longer biographies.  Other sources of information that they can use are online encyclopedias, websites that are about their VIP, and documentaries.  They will need to list whatever they use in the bibliography portion of the packet.

On Thursday, February 2nd we began drawing a portrait of our VIP.  Mr. Clark (our student teacher) and I were very impressed with how much effort many of the students put into their portraits.  We are displaying the portraits in the hallway using a giant timeline.  This is a great way to show students where their VIP was in relationship to the other VIPs.

Next week we will write the poem and begin the discussion of the written report.



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