February 21, 2018

Claira’s blog-week 22





In school this week, we are studying ancient Greece. We’re also doing a project called marbelandia where we have to make a kind of rube goldberg contraption as an amusement park for marbles.


As part of our ancient Greece project, we made a comic book about the poem Homer wrote called The Iliad. The Iliad is about the fall of Troy, some parts are true and some are mythical. We are also doing a research paper with a topic we choose. Some topics are broad, like “ pottery” or “farming” but some are specific like “triremes” ( a kind of Greek warship). My topic is trade, but I’ll probably going to branch out some.


Marblandia is a school-wide project. We get in groups of five to make a rube goldburg contraption the size of a table top. The project also has two adds in it, a print add and a radio add or a commercial. For the project, we pick a theme like “carnival” or “racetrack”. In my group we are making a dog that the marble travels through, like a treat.



By Claira Church

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