January 19, 2018

Update on the Current Student Population Statistics of Corbett School District

As we’re well into the second half of the school year, it’s appropriate to revisit an important topic –one that all school districts should monitor and report on regularly: the health of our district as indicated by the retention rate of in-district students.

I have written about this topic at length on two other occasions.  Prior to providing the details, I will summarize that in short, our district is as healthy as it has ever been with regard to in-district student retention and has maintained this health for more than a decade!

Current Year Growth Since the Start of School
Holly Dearixon prepares our ADM report to submit to the state. The report keeps track of how many students we have on average over each time period for which she reports (Kindergartener’s count for one half of one student). So far this year, we have tracked student headcount for two time periods. Listed here are district student population numbers for each school in the district, for the two time periods recorded so far this year.

Corbett School 

  • 1st period    629.25 students
  • 2nd period  630.48 students

Corbett Charter School

  • 1st period 436.85 students
  • 2nd  period  438.76 students

Analysis: Both Schools have grown slightly since the start of the year.  Typically you see numbers drop as the school year goes on.

Spring will be springing soon!


Transfer Out Requests at All Time Low

Each year students request transfers out and transfers in.  CSD has a long standing policy of allowing students to transfer out of our district who want to go elsewhere for their education.  When I first started working here our transfer out rate was 5%.   I understand that before I arrived, the transfer out rate was close to 15%.   From reading the previous two articles I wrote you can see that our transfer out rate has dropped considerably, even since I began working in Corbett. In fact, it has dropped further since I wrote the second article in August of 2011. Our current list of students who have transferred out has 10 students –or about 1.5% of our resident population.

So, why have 10 students transferred out of our district to other districts?  Each student and family has their own unique reasons for requesting a transfer. Listed here is a brief summary why each of these 10 students/families have requested to leave CSD:

  1. Student has never attended Corbett has always attended the other district and wanted to continue.
  2. Family moved this year to Corbett. Two younger siblings doing well in Corbett but wanted to finish her/his senior year at previous school.
  3. Student has never attended Corbett has always attended the other district and wanted to continue.
  4. Student and their previous siblings have never attended Corbett.  They have an affiliation through a family member with another district.
  5. Wanted an extra curricular program offered at another high school.  Sibling still attends Corbett High School.
  6. Was not satisfied with the educational experience at Corbett.
  7. Young student whose bus ride was almost an hour.  Wanted to attend Cascade Locks as ride to school was only a few minutes.
  8. Family moved into area but has never attended Corbett.
  9. Student has never attended Corbett has always attended the other district and wanted to continue.
  10. Student’s family going through a difficult stretch.  Moved here mid year this year.  Missed the school she/he has always been in, was not happy, requested transfer back to old school.  Younger siblings still going to Corbett and doing well.

Of the 10 who are on the out of district transfer list, only 4 ever attended Corbett School.  Of those 4 only 1 expressed dissatisfaction with the school.  Also of the 4 who attended Corbett (even if only for a short time), 2 still have siblings at school and their family is happy with that placement for those students.

One other student’s family requested a transfer out.  The transfer was granted  but they were not admitted to the other district.  The family wanted a larger school environment with letter grades.  The student did not want to leave and was very relieved when the other district denied their parents’ request.

Analysis:  Transfer out rate is at an all time low.   The vast majority of the students who do request a transfer out do so for reasons that have very little to do with the experience here at the school and more to do with their own personal circumstance.

Home of the East Wind

Transfer In Requests

We have 10 students transferring out but we have 20 approved transfer-ins. We also have thirteen other transfer-ins that were denied.

Analysis: Currently, for every dollar of funding we allow to transfer out, 2 dollars transfer in and an additional 1.30 worth of funding wants to transfer in.

Home School

First, the accuracy of our list of home schooled students living in the district boundary is only as accurate as families elect to make the list with the MESD.  The list has 28 confirmed students who are residents of Corbett; there are three other students who no longer reside in Corbett but they have failed to re-enroll in another district so they remain on our list until they show up again in some other district or ESD attendance area; finally, there is one student on the list who is enrolled in a GED program at Mt. Hood Community College and is no longer being home schooled but his parents have not removed him from the list.

Nineteen of the 28 students are in grades 2-8.  Of those 19 only 2 have ever been in Corbett School.  Of the nine home schooled students who are registered as high school students, four of them take courses here at the high school part time.

The home school list is shorter than I have ever seen it.  I recall reviewing the list 2 years ago and there were 36 home schooled students.

Analysis:  The vast majority of the students in home school have never attended Corbett.  As home school students get older they tend to start sporadically taking courses at Corbett.

Charter Schools

Once again our list of which students elect to go to each charter school outside the district is only as accurate as the parents and the participating charter schools make them.   One check on that list is that we get state funding for students who attend charter schools in other districts.  I believe we have students in three charter schools other than Corbett Charter School.

  • Knova Charter School has 2 Corbett students.
  • There are two online charter schools that recently reported having 5 Corbett students enrolled between them.  Of the five students enrolled three are from one family that has never attended Corbett.  One student used to attend Corbett and I do not recognize the last student’s name.

Analysis:  The district does not have a significant population of students transferring out of district to other charter schools.

Exceptional School

Private Schools: We have no data from private schools.

Final Analysis:

Though we strive to provide the absolute best possible educational experience for every student, we are not a perfect school district; we are not perfect for every student or every family.  While we do recognize that we cannot be everything to all our families, we always listen to the reasons why people leave or choose to never attend one of our schools.  We take that information seriously and we make adjustments to our programming when it is appropriate.  Over time, these adjustments have directly reduced our transfer out rate.

These efforts to adjust our programming are continuing to pay dividends.  Our transfer out rates are lower than ever.

Randy Trani About Randy Trani

A science teacher at heart, Dr. Trani loves the Corbett school community and the Corbett community at large. As a resident of Corbett Dr. Trani is committed to delivering quality education to Corbett students. Dr. Trani became the principal of Corbett Schools in 2004, promoted to Superintendent of Corbett School District #39 in 2010.