January 19, 2018

Important Dates

Hi Everyone-

Students have been using a calendar, with the last four months of the school year, to keep track of their dates. Here is what is on the calendar so far (I’ll make updates to this when we have to change something in class):

2/9 rough draft ancient China essay
2/15 print ad for Marblandia
2/15 theme for Marblandia
2/16 final draft ancient China essay
2/16 works cited for essay
2/16 book group trailer
2/21-2/23 ancient China speech
2/23 blueprint for Marblandia
2/24 Marblandia commercial or radio ad
2/29 Marblandia Day!
3/6 Multnomah Couny Library Teen Creative Writing contest
3/8 ancient China visual
3/19-5/25 8th grade speeches begin – dates of speech vary
3/20 Ancient Civilization Museum Night
3/23-3/31 Spring Break
4/16-4/20 Outdoor School
5/16-5/17 Wildhorse
5/23 Student led conferences
5/25 Cardinal 3 Portfolio
5/31 8th grade promotion
6/1 1/2 day for 6th & 7th graders


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Ms. Young is in her 12th year in the Corbett Middle School. Besides spending her days with middle schoolers, she loves to travel (often with middle schoolers as well), spend time with her family and read.