February 20, 2018

Week of February 20th

This has been quite a busy week! Along with our usual reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic, we cut and pulled Himalayan blackberries for our ECO project, drew and painted mammals for the Columbia Gorge mural, and left Independence, Missouri, for the perilous trip to Oregon.

This week, most reading groups finished their adventure books. The only exception is the Dragonling group – they need to complete their books this weekend. Some individuals in the other groups are extremely behind on their assignments, even after repeated nagging. Please check homework logs to see if your child is one of the pokey ones.

In writing, students should have finished the rough draft of their chosen stories. Remember, topics included a favorite place or treasured item, stories from parents or grandparents, or any other event. Stories need to be interesting, detailed, and organized with a beginning, middle, and end. If the rough draft is not finished, it needs to be completed this weekend. Next week, we will revise, edit, and create final copies by Thursday. No late papers will be accepted.

As you may have heard, we have organized our class into seven wagon groups to tackle the Oregon Trail. Each person chose the role of banker, blacksmith, doctor, farmer, hunter, or scout. Each role included varying levels of common sense, strength, and hunting skills, not to mention daily food intake and amount of money. Groups pooled their money and bought a wagon, oxen teams, food, and supplies.

Each day, students respond to different scenarios. So far, they have crossed a couple of rivers and visited Fort Kearney. Some groups have even hunted to augment their food supply, but others have been unsuccessful. As we travel along, each group calculates and adjusts mileage, days traveled, food eaten, and supplies gained or lost. Then, everyone writes a journal entry in character.

Our wonderful artists have outdone themselves this week as they created paintings of mammals of the Columbia Gorge. Several students remarked that this was their best work ever! Ms. Czupryk and I really appreciate the hours that Ruth Edwards, Karen Hawley, and Alia Escalante have donated to this project. Thanks a bunch!

Dates to Remember:

  • Thursday, March 8th – Funky Monkey Field Trip
  • Wednesday, March 15th – Progress Reports
  • March 23-March 31 – Spring Break


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