January 21, 2018

Week 24/25 by Jenna Kerslake

This week at school we are doing our speeches for Ancient Greece. All of the speeches have to be three minutes or longer. Our visuals were due on Monday February 20th.

We have now started working on either a radio ad or a commercial ad for our Marblandia projects! It should only be thirty seconds long and is due on Friday February 24th. Our work cited is also due for Ancient Greece. This is going very well for my group of people, and I hope it is going the same for everyone else!!

We have also started working on plays with Mr. Lutes class! We have until Friday to perfect our work, and they will be presented on Monday in front of our two classes.    We will see the myth of Orion, Andromeda, Narcissus, Callisto and several others.   From my perspective it has been going really well.

Mr. Leone has started reading a book called Pandora of Athens. It is by Barry Denenberg. Its about Pandoras life in Ancient Times. This book is filled with action, adventures, glory, and of course the drama that she went through. Pandora is trapped by her father. And she is forced to marry a man that is more then twice her age! She has to wait until she turns fourteen, that way it will be legal for her to marry the man. But one day when Pandora went to get some water, she met a man named Socrates, and what he told her changed Pandoras life. So far the book has been really good, and very informative.

From all of us in Mr. Leones class room, GOOD DAY!!

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