January 19, 2018

Even with two days off unexpectedly last week, we have managed to get quite a bit of work done lately. Students have begun reading historical fiction books about the westward movement, and many have also chosen informational books as well. We are gathering facts about daily life on the trail, hardships, and landmarks.

Our simulation of the Oregon Trail continues. After traveling for about two months, some wagon trains ran short of food. They had to choose between buying supplies at Fort Laramie for exorbitant prices, attempting a hunting trip, and starving. The tension mounted as we headed into the Rocky Mountains. Each group then met a sickly man, who exposed them all to cholera. Two wagon groups emerged unscathed, but others succumbed to the sickness, and four of our pioneers died. The Shoshone Indians arrived next. Fortunately, none of our wagon trains reacted violently, so they were all able to continue peacefully, even though some groups had to bribe the Indians for safe passage. Others traded for food and are in slightly better shape. What will happen next?

Final copies of stories were due today. (They were actually due last week, but the deadline was extended because of the snow days.) Most students completed the task with time to spare, but others had to hand in unfinished papers or nothing at all, because of ineffective use of class time and choosing not to complete each stage as homework when needed. Since an extra week was allowed, I am not accepting late papers.

Several students continue to struggle with completing reading, writing, cursive, and/or math assignments on time.  Any assignment not finished at school needs to be completed as homework. Students are reminded at the end of each period to record homework on their logs, and again reminded to take materials home when we pack up at the end of the day. Ms. Czupryk and I do not check everyone’s pack – we expect students to follow directions and be responsible.

The State of Oregon is sponsoring a reading contest for all students in grades K-5. To enter, they need to read three books from the recommended reading list. The list and further details can be found at http://www.ost.state.or.us/read/. Deadline is March 30, 2012. Fifty winners will receive a $500 Oregon College Savings Plan. It is never too early to start saving for college!

Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend!

Dates to Remember:

  • Wednesday, March 15th – Progress Reports
  • March 23-March 31 – Spring Break
  • Tuesday, April 10th – Jogathon 9-9:30 a.m. Volunteers needed!
  • Tuesday, April 10th – Funky Monkey Program – arrive at 6:15 p.m.
  • Wednesday, May 2nd – PTA Meeting 4 p.m. East Commons


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