February 18, 2018

Week 26 in Mr. Houck’s class, by Riley Hopper

Every week one student in our class gets to sit out the super quiz and write the weekly update on our class.  This week’s update was done by 8th grader Riley Hopper.  Thanks, Riley!

This week in Mr. Houck’s class we accomplished our goal of Doink Day! Walking through all of the booths in Marblandia showed me how much effort people had put into this, and also some people who fell a bit behind. My group, ‘The Grid,’ had to rush at the end, and surprisingly, our marble land made it through the day, and was visited by many students.

Our current read aloud book is ‘Ender’s Game,’ which I finished reading just last week.

On Tuesday this week, we started the first A.M. block with two and a half hours of math. I got a math test done, but I thought the extra time was a little excessive.  In the afternoon, we had a nice long break of free read, during which I got to go through nearly half of my book ‘Speaker For the Dead’ of the Ender’s Game series, which I enjoyed. Some people had troubles going through to the end of free read, judging by all the voices I heard while reading my book.

On Wednesday, we started making Chinese kites, where we use wooden skewers and tape to create the frame of the kite. My partner Kurt and I have gotten most of ours completed.  Now we just need to attach the string and tail. Making the kites is a seven-step process. Kurt and I just painted ours purple, and Mr. Houck broke his on his first flight. Today we continued with the kites, and most people are finished with painting and are nearly ready to fly their kites.

In 7th period, there will be a teachers vs. students basketball game. I am thinking the teachers are going to win, like last year’s students vs. teachers basketball game. If I see Mr. Houck get a slam dunk, I will put the last few dollars I have into the pizza party jar.

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