February 21, 2018

School Board Meeting Wednesday March 14th at 7:00

The board will hold the regularly scheduled Wednesday March 14th at 7:00 in the grade school cafeteria.  Unfortunately, the East Wind destroyed our two board meeting signs and we are working to repair them.  Before the meeting I will hold a Superintendents Chat about Springdale School.

The agenda for this meeting as well as the one page and four page financial reports will be posted next week to the web site.  However, I do want to share some of the important topics that will be addressed during the meeting.

This is the March 2012 Board Packet.  It contains the minutes from the previous board meeting (which are not official yet) as well as the handouts sent out to the board members.

March 2012 Board Packet


Regular Board Meeting Wednesday

Auditors Report

Our auditing firm will present their findings to the board.  The good news is that, once again, Corbett School District has earned a “clean audit” with no reservations.  This is what all districts work towards and I am glad we have met the goal again.  The auditors have also provided a list of suggestions to refine our business service protocols that the district will consider and implement as appropriate.  I hope to post the entire audit to the web site as I did last year.

Corbett SD Audit – 2011(1)

Corbett SD Board Letter – 2011

Corbett SD Management Letter – 2011

Financial Report

The good news is that our spending is still tracking according to our projections.  The bad news is that since last meeting the state cut last years funding (yes that is right last years funding) and this years funding.  The results of those reductions in funding amount to about $75,000.  Further, they have reduced the number of ADMr they are paying us for this year.  (This is due to a trended average calculation.)   You may recall that last meeting I predicted that we had taken a snapshot of our ending fund balance at a high point.   That ending fund balance will be significantly impacted by these revenue and ADMr adjustments.  I am now projecting our ending fund balance to be $729,000 or about $200,000 less than a month ago.

Further, the ODE has released funding numbers for next year.  It appears that we should plan on receiving at least $100,000 fewer dollars next year.

All of this news is bad.  But it is not horrible.  At this point I anticipate finishing the year with no cuts and we will work hard towards building a budget for next school year that maintains all services at their current levels.

March 2012 One Page

March 2012 Four Page

Springdale School and Inter-District Transfers

You can HELP!

Much of the meeting will be dedicated to these two topics.  These topics also are related directly to our budgeting process and may determine if we make further cuts next year.  I will provide a bullet list of items that will be discussed.

  • Terry Rommel and Peter Fry will discuss architectural developments and land use developments.
  • Architectural planning and building permit applications are going very well.
  • Interior demolition could start shortly.
  • Our land use hearing with Multnomah County has been delayed due to scheduling on the counties part.  (They only have one meeting per month; we were bumped from March and April is full.)
  • The district lottery for inter-district transfers will close April 1st.
  • After April 1st but long before May 1st the board will need to decide if we are going to admit students based upon Springdale being available or based on Springdale not being available.
  • If we open Springdale it will likely generate more than $200,000 of positive revenue after the loan payment for the year is paid.
  • If Springdale is not opened and new students are not admitted revenue will remain flat.
  • If we admit students and for some reason Springdale can not be opened (Due to a Multnomah County land use problem issue for instance.) Corbett School District would be responsible for educating these students no matter what.
  • No decisions about admitting students based upon the opening or closing of Springdale will be made at this meeting.

Grant Funding Update

  • The State Historic Preservation Office is very interested in Springdale and will likely provide $20,000 worth of grants for the project.  It is a competitive process but we have a very strong project.
  • The Jubitz Family Foundation is also very interested in the project and may grant up to $5000 for the project.
  • In the coming weeks I will meet with the Ford Family Foundation to tour Springdale School. They are interested in committing $150,000 to the project.  Their particular interest revolves around community use and the auditorium.
  • The Ford Family Foundation loves to see broad based community support.  Donations as small as $5.00 speak loudly to them.  If you are interested in donating to the project, or just writing letters of support, both can be forwarded to the district office, the SSCA, or the Corbett Education Foundation.

Enjoy early Spring!



Regular Board Meeting Wednesday
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