February 21, 2018

Week of March 12th

Is anyone ready for spring? We hadn’t caught up from our last two snow days when we were hit with another one! Even though I like the snow, I am definitely ready for sunshine, flowers, and produce from the garden.

Tragedies continue to strike our wagon trains. Several more pioneers have died, this time due to starvation. If only they had hunted for food while they had the chance! Our simulation will finish up next week. Who will survive????

As a culminating activity of our Oregon Trail unit, the intermediate classes will recreate the westward movement on our school campus. We will need lots of volunteers and supplies to make this happen. Please read, complete, and return the Oregon Extravaganza paper that went home today and save the date (April 12th) on your calendar.

Basically, each class will be divided into wagon groups. We will rely on loans of little red wagons or even green garden wagons. The day before we hit the trail, groups will stitch their wagon covers and fill the wagons with canned food for the trip. (If everyone can send two or three cans, we should have enough to use as weight in the wagons and then donate to the food pantry.)

Wagons leave Independence and make their way around the trail, dealing with many situations along the way. We will also have several stations before departure or after arrival in Oregon City. If you want to see the action, volunteer for duty on April 12th!

I quite enjoyed reading the final stories last weekend. Many of the students related stories told by their parents. Others created their own unique tales. Keep up the good work!

If you haven’t yet seen your child’s progress report, please ask him/her for it. They were sent home on Wednesday.

Next week, I will not send out a post, as I shall be heading east on Wednesday with my husband and #2 son to take a look at several schools. We will be stopping at six colleges and universities in Pennsylvania and New York. Those are only a few of the dozens on his list! Ms. Czupryk will be teaching in my absence and Mrs. Amy Lewis will be my substitute.

May you all enjoy a wonderful break!

Dates to Remember:

  • March 23-March 31 – Spring Break
  • Tuesday, April 10th – Jogathon 9-9:30 a.m. Volunteers needed!
  • Tuesday, April 10th – Funky Monkey Program – arrive at 6:15 p.m.
  • Thursday, April 12th – Oregon Trail Extravaganza  Volunteers needed!
  • Wednesday, May 2nd – PTA Meeting 4 p.m. East Commons
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