February 21, 2018

Investigating Accreditation

I understand that some folks have recently become concerned that Corbett School is not accredited.  I hope this post will alleviate those concerns.

Historical Perspective on How Not Being Accredited has Impacted Students

Corbett has not been accredited for more than a decade. During the eight years I have been here I have seen kids move in to our school and move out of our school…there has never been a problem with accreditation.  During the eight years I have been here I have seen kids be accepted to the military, to apprenticeship programs, to community colleges in Oregon and outside of Oregon.  I have seen kids go to school at 4 year universities in the state and out of the state.  Students have attended private universities and public universities.  Students with high SAT scores, low SAT scores, or even no SAT scores have been accepted into institutions of higher learning all over the state, region, and nation.  I have never heard of a student being denied entry into any school, community college, university, or any other type of program because of Corbett lack of accreditation.

During that same time period students have applied for and received hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars of scholarships from all different sorts of agencies, foundations, and educational entities.

History suggests that not being accredited has not been a roadblock for students being able to access opportunities once they leave Corbett School District. Not being accredited has not negatively impacted students.  I hope that this information alone will allay fears that seem to be growing in the absence of this historical perspective.

CHS Graduates Have a History of Accessing Multiple Opportunities After Graduation

Products for Sale

                Every day I receive solicitations from various vendors, commissions, and organizations to purchase their products.  Part of my job is to analyze those products and determine if the product helps meet the needs of our students, and if the benefits of the product can justify the cost of that product.  Sometimes the answer is yes and we purchase the product. Sometimes the answer is no and we do not purchase the product. Sometimes that answer changes as times change.

Several years back I was approached by a company called Pearson Publishing who offered a product called Nova Net designed to help struggling students across a broad range of coursework.  The product featured computer based instruction.  I reviewed the product and determined that the benefits of the product did not justify the expense.

As years went by things changed with regard to the cost of other types of opportunities we had been purchasing for students to access coursework in which they were struggling so I decided to re-investigate Nova Net.  Upon reinvestigation Nova Net fit our needs and the benefits seemed to outweigh the costs so we purchased Nova Net and are currently using it to the meet the needs of some students.

The Northwest Accreditation Commission is a company that sells a product.  More than a decade ago people analyzed the product that the Northwest Accreditation Commission sold and determined that their product did not meet a need that Corbett students had, and/or that the benefits their product  provided could not justify the cost of that product.

The Northwest Accreditation Commission has shared information with me that indicates they have changed their product over the years.  They believe they are offering a product that more closely fits the needs of our students now.

Have Times Changed?

Most certainly times have changed in the past decade which is a major reason I agreed many weeks ago to investigate the product that the Northwest Accreditation Commission is currently selling.  I am taking this investigation seriously because I have made a professional lifetime of working hard to remove barriers for ALL students to access opportunities after they complete high school.  It is safe to say that thousands of dollars of staff time has already been invested in determining if the product that the Northwest Accreditation Commission is now offering meets a need of Corbett students and if the benefits provided by their product can justify the expense of purchasing, implementing, and maintaining the use of their product.


                I am not wed to the past.  I that hope my Nova Net example demonstrates that I am ready and willing to make changes to our programming when it meets the needs of our students. If the product currently being offered by the Northwest Accreditation Commission meets the needs of our students and if the cost of that product is balanced by the benefit it provides you can trust that I will advocate for becoming re-accredited.

In the interim I hope you can also rest assured, bolstered by the knowledge gained through a decade long history of Corbett students accessing multiple opportunities after high school that current students share in the availability of those same opportunities.


Randy Trani About Randy Trani

A science teacher at heart, Dr. Trani loves the Corbett school community and the Corbett community at large. As a resident of Corbett Dr. Trani is committed to delivering quality education to Corbett students. Dr. Trani became the principal of Corbett Schools in 2004, promoted to Superintendent of Corbett School District #39 in 2010.