January 19, 2018

Trillium Room April 12th

Hello Parents,                                                                                                April 12th , 2012

You never know how children will try out their new science vocabulary.  After a few days of studying magnets, a child in our class proclaimed to our music teacher, “I am very attracted to you.”  Mrs. Swanson was a bit speechless, but when she came to us and we explained the new vocabulary words “attract” and “repel”, she saw that it was an innocent compliment.  Indeed magnets have been very “attractive” to all of us this week.  In addition to learning about how the north and south poles of a magnet attract and repel each other, we learned how to turn ordinary scissors into a magnet.  We’ve explored how compasses work and learned a song and a poem about magnets (yes, there really are such things!).

Wednesday was a wonderful day learning about pioneer lifestyle.  The bus ride was long (over an hour), but the kids were well-behaved and very patient.  We got to do so many fun things:  knead dough, spin wool, scrub on a washboard, see museums, sort beans, remove corn kernals, play games, and on and on and on.


Here’s a link to see the cabin we visited:


Here’s a link to see Champoeg park, which we also visitied: http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_113.php


Check the class website over the weekend to see lots of pictures from our trip:



We didn’t have time to see everything at these sites, so consider looking up their hours and going on a fun family field trip this summer.


Remember, our jog-a-thon is on the 17th and 18th.  The red dots jog on Tuesday and the blue dots on Wednesday.  Your child brought home a pink pledge form last week.  We told them to only ask close family members or friends to sponsor them.  Please return the pledge forms before the jog-a-thon and we’ll total up the amount to be collected from each person.  Remind your child to wear appropriate footwear on their jog-a-thon day.

Our magnet song is below!


Mrs. Shaw mshaw@corbett.k12.or.us

Mrs. Wold kwold@corbett.k12.or.us




(Tune: Did You Ever See a Lassie?)
Did you ever see a magnet,
A magnet, a magnet?
Did you ever see a magnet
Pull this way and that?

On iron and steel,
Its pull is unreal!
Did you ever see a magnet
Pull this way and that?


A magnet has action,
It’s called an attraction!
Did you ever see a magnet
Pull this way and that?

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