February 21, 2018

May 3rd Update

Hard to believe it’s already May!

We had a very busy and exciting week. On Tuesday we went down to Portland for a wonderful bridge tour. We were able to see the inside of the Oregon Department of Transportation command center, go into the tower of the Morrison Bridge, watch the Morrison Bridge lift from inside the bridge (my personal highlight), walk across the Steel Bridge, walk under the Broadway  Bridge, jump on a beam bridge to feel the movement, walk across the longest indoor suspension bridge (from the VA hospital to OHSU), and take the tram down from OHSU to the South Waterfront. It was a big day with relatively nice weather (we did get a little wet at the end but nothing that we couldn’t handle). Seeing the different bridge components up close and personal really concreted the ideas and concepts for most of us. Thank you to the chaperones who joined us on this field trip!

In class we are in the midst of our bridge competition pre-planning stages. Groups are testing out ideas for piers, beams, girders, trusses, arches, towers, and other supports. Next week groups will be designing blueprints and seeking permits from The City Steichen. They’ll have a budget so the groups will be working on balancing design, cost, and strength.

There will be a celebration of volunteers who have chaperoned, helped with math, reading, the jog-a-thon, or any other activity at the school on Wednesday, May 16th in the Trillium Room from 3:40 to 4:15. You can RSVP by emailing me or signing up on the sheet next to the Trillium Room door. Childcare will be provided by high school students in the gym and the shed.

Have a great weekend! See everyone for a (hopefully) sunny Monday!

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This is my fifth year teaching at Springdale and my eighth year teaching an intermediate classroom in the Corbett School District.
When not in school, I enjoy reading, photography, gardening, sewing, exploring nature, and spending time with my husband, three daughters, and two cats.